Champion of Choices DVD

For the first time ever, the life-changing Champion of Choices presentation that has reached over a million students and saved countless lives, is now available on DVD! Watch Marc's 50-minute presentation with your family and friends, and be inspired.

$ 10.00 $ 27.95

In a time when our kids are dealing with new issues like substance abuse, cyber-bullying, self-harming, and even suicide, parents and teachers are desperate to find ways to connect with high school, middle school, and even younger kids.  Marc Mero has spent nearly a decade dedicated to the mission of helping students make better choices in these challenging times... his storytelling gift has literally saved many lives and pointed many kids in a new, goal-driven direction. If you struggle to connect with your kids, or just want to strengthen your bond with them, the Champion of Choices DVD can be an amazing way to open up lines of communication and get your kids and their friends thinking about choices that really matter.

He is America's #1 requested school presenter for a reason!  Marc cares so much about impacting the lives of students and empowering them to make better choices in these challenging times.  His presentation has moved countless students, parents and teachers to become part of positive change in our school systems.

"I had pills in one hand and a drink in the other. Enough to end my life. I was ready to leave all because i didn’t fit in. I felt unwanted, like i wasn’t supposed to be around. Like i was a mistake…I looked on Facebook one last time and saw your video about your mom. I looked at your page and with tears rolling down my face i put the pills away and read your posts… this was 10 minutes ago. If it wasn’t for that video i would be filled with pills ending my life…thank you. " - Student

The Champion of Choices presentation is literally saving students lives by empowering them to choose the right decisions.  Can you afford not to have your child or students hear Marc's incredible story?